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Insurance Claims
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Insurance Claims
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Lakeshore Auto Body’s damage analysis and estimating pros can help speed you through the repair process. We will contact your insurance company, help you resolve the claim and complete all the paperwork. We'll also assist you with rental car arrangements and scheduling of your accident repairs. Then our skilled body and paint technicians will bring your car back to its original OEM condition.

Member, Collision Solutions NetworkA typical vehicle is damaged about once every seven years. When an accident occurs, stress and confusion can cloud decision-making. Where do people turn for immediate assistance and advice? More often than not, drivers turn to their insurers, and more and more often, Insurers lead their customers to Lakeshore Auto Body in Port Hope.

Why do insurers trust Lakeshore Auto Body? Because Lakeshore Auto Body adheres to a strict set of standards, regulations and a code of conduct designed to streamline the repair process, improving relationships with insurers and customers by taking care of all the details and getting you back on the road as quickly as possible.

Insurance ClaimsRecent studies have shown that customers who have an excellent experience with the repair process are 95 percent more likely to stay with their current insurer. Lakeshore Auto Body can help our customers by operating effectively and making collision repair as seamless and hassle-free as possible for everyone.

Most insurance companies now have programs designed to help their customer have repairs completed without problems and minimal inconvenience. These are generally referred to as Direct Repair Programs.

These programs Save Time and Money for everyone!

Lakeshore Auto Body operates Direct Repair Programs for over 20 major insurers, allowing you simple and convenient solutions for all your auto body and painting or collision repairs.

Remember: It’s Your Vehicle – It’s Your Choice!

Tell your insurer you choose Lakeshore Auto Body to repair your Car.



Lakeshore Auto Body and Glass
Lakeshore Auto Body and Glass
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